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Taxable Capacity

Importance Of Taxable Capacity and factors determine the Taxable Capacity

Taxable capacity refers to the maximum capacity that a country contributes by way Of taxation in the ordinary and extraordinary' circumstances. It represents the maximum limit to which the government can tax...
Value added Tax

What do the meaning of Value Added Tax (VAT)?

Meaning of Value Added Tax (VAT) : The value-added tax belongs to the family to sales taxes. A general sales tax is a tax on' sales transactions but it...
Main Source of Revenue of the Government

What is The Main Source of Revenue of the Government of India?

Meaning of Public Revenue The income of the Government through all sources is called public revenue. According to Dalton, however, the term "Public Income" has two senses—wide and narrow....
Public Expenditure

Meaning of Public Expenditure, Difference between Public and Private Expenditure

Meaning of Public Expenditure The Term Public Expenditure refers to the expenses incurred by public authorities- Central, state and local governments for their own maintenance and for the discharge...
Zero Base Budgeting

What is Zero Base Budgeting? Limitations and Advantages of ZBB

Concept of Zero-Based Budgeting (ZBB): In the most literal sense, Zero-Based Budgeting implies constructing a budget, without any reference to what has gone in previous year or period, based...

How Budget is Prepared? Procedure of Passing the Budget

Budgetary Procedure Budgetary procedure includes three stages : I. Preparation of the budget. II. Presentation & Enactment of the budget Ill. Execution of the budget. ...

What is Budget? Features that budget should Have?

Meaning of Budget The term 'Budget' has been originated from the French word 'Bongettee' which means 'a small leather bag'. This 'bag' contains an economic bill' which is presented...
Social Goods

Social Goods and It’s Cost Production

Actually, everybody wants to enjoy the benefits of social goods be they defense goods, law and order, education, etc.but no one wants to pay for them. At the same time. the consumers...
Private Goods

What is meant by Private Goods and Public Goods?

Just as private-sector economics deals with the wants and their satisfaction of household and firms, public sector economics, more commonly called public finance, deals With the question of collective wants and their...
Public Finance

Public Finance a Positive Science or a Normative Science?

Nature of Public Finance: Public finance faces a burning controversy whether it is a science or an art and further whether it is a positive science or a normative science.
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